Monday, 1 September 2014

We are learning to research about Sharks in the Library with Mrs Micic and Ms Nua.

We are looking for picture of the Sharks.

 We used 3D glasses to look at pictures of the sharks. It was scarey!

 "Look at the big shark" said Mariah, Wesley and Joshua.

Lio, Milan and Abraham found some pictures of sharks.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Room 5 at the Library

Today Room 5 went to the library and we read a book called Prudence Wants a Pet. It was really funny! Our favourite part was when she finally got a pet and called it "Branch"! We are now interested in reading some more books by this author - Cathleen Daly!

        Our Library Our Learning Centre

   - Library Contribution:

  • Provide Resources and help to develop information
  • Give  student's opportunity to explore  and engage to create new information.
  • Motivation for reading and listening to stories.
  • Share reading through interaction with others.